N Network Expert   Posted 3 months ago
Are you looking to set up your new Avaya J169 IP Phone but not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

First, unbox your sleek and modern phone and connect it to a power source using the provided adapter. Next, plug in an Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the back of the phone and connect it to your network.

Once powered on, follow the on-screen instructions to configure your phone's settings such as language preference and time zone. You can also customize your ringtone and display settings for a personalized experience.

To set up your contacts and speed dials, simply navigate through the intuitive menu options using the navigation buttons on the phone. You can also program additional features like call forwarding and voicemail by accessing the settings menu.

For more advanced configurations or troubleshooting tips, refer to the user manual provided with your Avaya J169 IP Phone or visit Avaya's official support page [https://www.avaya.com/en/support/]. Stay connected with Avaya's innovative technology! #AvayaJ169 #IPPhoneSetup #TechTips
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