In this session of CUCM Automation, I have tried to complete an automation task with Cisco's AXL APIs in Python programming language for Network Engineers with absolutely zero coding experience. The session agenda is:
*Basic Components of programming language: (not complete list)
*Example Coding Steps: Fetch Device Pool of Devices
*Python - Intro
*Demo:- Automate Fetching Device Pool of a given list of devices from CUCM
N Neeraj Kamboj
| CCIE#57387 | 7Year Networking Experience |
Second session for CCIE troubleshooting class which covers:
BGP troubleshooting
MPLS troubleshooting
VRF troubleshooting
Access Lists ( ACL ) troubleshooting
Prefix List troubleshooting
DMVPN troubleshooting
IPSec over DMVPN troubleshooting
NAT troubleshooting
DNS troubleshooting
N Neeraj Kamboj
| CCIE#57387 | 7Year Networking Experience |
After This Course Completion, the Candidate Will be having a complete understanding of MPLS network and MPLSL3VPN too.

Videos in this Series:
1. Basics Diagram
2. Basic Routing, Packet Flow
3. MPLS Requirement (Part 1)
4. MPLS Requirement (Part 2)
5. MPLS Label Process
6. MPLS Header
7. MPLS Transit Router Process
8. LDP Protocol
10. MPLS IP Propagate TTL